Donald Sutherland is originally from the east coast of Sutherlan in the Scottish Highlands. He also lived, as a young person, in Istanbul Donald Sutherland - Galsgow Artist and Tutorand Hong Kong.  Donald moved to Glasgow in the early 1970's to study drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art, where he has been a part time tutor and lecturer with the Department of Continuing Education for approximately twenty years. Donalds work can be found in collections accross the UK, the United States and further afield.

It is perhaps due to Donalds diverse upbringing in the Scottish Highlands, Istanbul and Hong Kong, and the cultural diversity in these formative years, that his work today reflects his fascination with the apparent interconnectedness of seemingly disparate and incongruous elements of various cultures, their languages, religions, philosophies and arts.

A draughtsman of enviable abilities Donald is equally assured when handling paint, washes of texture and colour combined with precisely painted elements add to his finely executed canvases a richer more painterly dimension. As a result of his exacting technique and strive for perfection, Donald produces relatively few paintings each year – which provides a refreshing contrast to some of his contemporaries – making his work all the more sought after.

Donald Sutherland - Artist

Amongst Donalds many other interests, Donald holds a fith degree black belt in Kendo and is a keen, if not always successful, fly fisherman. Donald is married with three daughters and is indebted to them for the education they have given him. It would be fair to say that as an individual, Donald is fascinated by the actuality, and the mystery, of our existance which is self evident in his work.

Donald is available for private or group tuition and art classes in painting and drawing and works regularily accross the county on request.